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Glass Engraving

We specialise in engraving on a vast range of glassware, crystal and acrylic products. This includes laser engraving, machine rotary engraving and sandblasting on plaques, tankards, champagne glasses, vases, and various other corporate and sporting glass awards.

Trophy Plate Engraving

We offer laser engraving, machine engraving and sublimation services to meet all trophy plate requirements. We can customise trophy plates to fit all trophy sizes and types. We can customise text and graphics to meet specific club, corporate or individual needs.

Perpetual Updates

We specialise in engraving on and updating perpetual trophies, shields and plaques.



Our range of medals is extensive. It includes gold, silver and bronze sport-specific medals and generic medals, all of which can be customised to include club logos and engraving.

Our medals come in various shapes and sizes. We also have a vast colour range of ribbons which can be matched to club or school colours, and medal boxes to enhance presentation.


Industrial Labels

We supply to industries such as manufacturing, mining, electrical, plumbing and building to name a few.

Our Industrial labels are cut with laser precision to size and shape and cater to all font requirements and colour combinations.

Name Badges

Our name badges are available in various shapes and sizes and materials. Customised graphics and logos can be laser engraved or sublimated to provide a professional finish to our badges. We also sell life member badges.

We supply name badges to sporting clubs, schools, companies, social clubs, Rotary, government etc.

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